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Loss of orgasm during vaginal contraction during sex

Dry private parts, no fun, painful

Laughing, urine oozing when coughing, embarrassing the scene

The sex of the vagina “farts” during sex

Pussy itching is unbearable, abnormal leucorrhea, bad smell

Vaginal relaxation leads to a decrease in the ability of the original vagina to “hold” the penis during sexual life, with reduced friction, air leakage, etc., so that the pleasure of both men and women is weakened or even disappeared, so that the partner is not satisfied and reduces the sex of the couple The quality of life seriously causes sexual indifference, leading to a discordant sexual life between couples.

Vaginal relaxation can not hide water, resulting in dryness of the vagina, it is difficult for the other party to enter during sex. Even if it was forced to enter, it didn’t take long for it to be dry and uncomfortable, and even caused mechanical injury, causing painful heartbreaking lungs, and it had to be abandoned halfway, so that the two parties were separated because of the pain, and the life of the husband and wife became a nightmare.

Vaginal relaxation leads to a reduction or loss of the ability to purify the vagina, bacteria, toxins, dead skin cells, menstrual blood that remains in the vaginal folds for many years, itching of the vagina, odor of the leucorrhea, yellowing, stench, recurrence of vaginal problems, bacterial toxins Ascending the pelvis, causing problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Vaginal relaxation reduces muscle tone and atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, resulting in decreased estrogen levels, decreased ovarian function, aging of a large number of cells in the vagina and uterus, macular wrinkles on the face, and psychological depression, leading to emotional anxiety, endocrine disorders, face haggard, insomnia , Irritability, premature aging symptoms.

Reproductive aging steals women’s beautiful years

 The old root of the tree dies first, and the rot of the apple is often from the inside out. In the same way, reproductive aging is often a prelude and an important incentive for women to start aging. As women’s own estrogen levels slowly decline after the age of 30, symptoms of reproductive system aging also appear. The reproductive system is the birthplace of life and the root of maintaining female characteristics and beautiful appearance, just like the roots of flowers. The roots are aging, where can flowers be bright? As the root of the female reproductive system, vaginal maintenance is more important, because the loose vagina has many folds, and there are many garbage, bacteria, toxins, and dead skin cells hidden in the folds. These deep layers of poisonous garbage affect the reproduction of women health. Secondly, the female vagina is the main organ of sexual life. A happy and harmonious sex life can keep the female body and spirit happy and relaxed for a long time, so that beauty and youth are not easy to fade.



Leucorrhea abnormality

Accelerated aging

Infertility cancer

Itchy. Vaginal relaxation The toxins that remain for many years will change the environment inside the vagina. If it is too acidic or too alkaline, the lower body will be itchy;

Pain in the same room, pain in lower abdomen. Yin poison attacks the reproductive system. If there is erosion and inflammation, you will feel the pain in your lower abdomen.

Increased leucorrhea and abnormal color odor. Once the poisonous erosion of the female reproductive system, the secretion of pus and blood will mix into the leucorrhea and flow out through the vagina. Excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria in the vagina causes abnormal secretion of leucorrhea;

Face yellow spots wrinkled pores thick. The ovary is a power pump for young women. Yin poison causes disorder of estrogen secretion in the nest, which directly shows various problems on the face;

Invasion of venom causes adhesions and acid-base imbalance in the reproductive tract. It is difficult for sperm to pass through and lead to infertility. There is no longer a long-term venom discharge, and cancer of the reproductive system may occur;

Shanalin starts from the root to solve problems for you

Nourishing yin

Nourish and repair

Keep the vagina moisturized and smooth. The large amount of nutrients contained are fully absorbed by the vaginal wall and cervix. Promotes metabolism and improves dryness, brittleness and thinning of the genitals.



The rich natural plant can eliminate the inflammatory secretions and toxins accumulated in the reproductive organs, restore the ability of the vagina to clean and purify itself, and reduce the occurrence of various gynecological problems.


ovary care

It is directly given to the bottom of the uterus to form a protective film in the entire uterus to promote the secretion of hormones by the ovaries to regulate the female secretory system, so that it reaches a balanced state of regulation.


Recovery is as tight as a girl

Improve vaginal laxity and width, restore vaginal elasticity, greatly improve sexual desire, consciously unique buckle feeling during sex, orgasm increases significantly

Several well-known institutions in Japan, several domestic institutions such as maternal and child health care, and a number of tests have proved that Shannalin of the United States has a good effect on contracting the vagina and eliminating gynecological problems. At the same time, Shanalin passed the certification of many countries including the US FDA and the Ministry of Health, and was granted special protection of international patent technology for 20 years.

Tight woman sets man’s heart

“Primary three” phenomenon, revealing women’s secret private pain-vaginal relaxation

“Primary three incidents” continue to increase in public view: the Zhang Meiran incident in November last year (“the most powerful third person in history”, attacking the husband’s ex-wife) incident, the Hu Ziwei Zhang Bin incident in December, and Jiang Yan’s suicide . Professor Ma Wenzhe, vice president of the Sexual Society, pointed out that an important reason behind the Primary Three incident is the vaginal relaxation of women after marriage. Let men slowly lose interest in sex until another woman appears.

According to a sociological survey of sex ,

If the divorce is caused by the disharmony of the couple’s sexual life, it accounts for up to 47% of the total number of divorces;

In the survey of the sexual life of undivorced couples, 45% were also dissatisfied.

Vaginal relaxation not only causes a woman’s loss of sexual pleasure to cause low libido, but also causes a decrease in male pleasure and loss of interest in sex life. As a result of being ashamed to open the teeth, this real reason has been covered up for a long time, and the privacy that makes the vagina slack is difficult for the person to speak out is bothering women. 

★ Tighten the vagina, moisturize and smooth, increase the fun of the couple
★ The vaginal retraction is powerful, dry, and the pain of sexual intercourse disappears
★ The yin shrinks and rejuvenates, restoring the grip strength, improving the quality of sexual life

★ Promote glandular secretion, prevent vaginal dryness, atrophy, and mechanical damage
★ Strongly close the yin and shrink the yin, enhance the vitality of vaginal muscles, and solve the coldness
★ New vaginal cell regeneration, normal hormone secretion, improve libido

★ 360-degree coverage of vagina and cervix, discharge secretions
★ Kill harmful bacteria in vagina, itch in private parts, eliminate odor
★ Repair vagina, cervical erosion, pelvic mucosa, waist and abdomen pain disappear

★ Reproduce the girl ’s tightness, do not rebound for a long time, prevent vaginal aging
★ Improve the relaxation of pelvic muscle ligaments, maintain the uterus, and maintain the ovaries
★ Regenerate the new tender cells of the vagina to restore the girl ’s elasticity and color;

American Huatuo Group’s active biological extraction technology allows women to reproduce tightly

Sanalyn (Sanalyn) of the United States is a special appropriation of the World Health Organization. It is a high-tech product developed and produced by the Royal Chinese Herbal Extraction Technology Research Center-Royal Classics specifically for women’s reproductive health and sexual performance. The launch of Sanalyn has received great attention and praise from the World Health Organization and the medical, women, and human development research circles of various countries, and has been listed as a key development project of the human reproductive health plan. The Federation of Health and Human Rights Protection is listed as the first female classic product in the 21st century.
  Sanalyn uses biomimetic cloning technology combined with all-natural Chinese herbal medicine. In order to ensure the activity of the active ingredients, it uses zero-distance “supercritical extraction” technology to extract the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine to the state of cutting-edge pure green. Sanalyn’s production technology is the most representative biotechnology today.

Shanalin prevents vaginal aging and prolongs sex

Detoxification and anti-inflammatory, clean and improve the internal environment of women’s vagina

Activate vaginal smooth muscle fibroblast activity

Repair and contract vaginal smooth muscle, restore smooth muscle elasticity

A complete restoration of the vagina as a girl ’s generation ushered in the second spring of a woman.

· When first used, it is cool and comfortable, consciously fresh and pleasant, and the vagina feels tight.
· Vaginal toxins like tofu residue are discharged from the vagina. The vagina is not itchy and there is no smell.
· The vaginal wall has a sense of tightening and peristalsis, if there is a problem, the itchiness disappears, and you are at ease;

The vagina feels a sense of tightness, and the sensitivity is enhanced. The vaginal discharge is also normal

· Consolidation and maintenance, the vagina is hydrated, keeping the virgin tight and flexible, women can freely control the rhythm of sex life, and the sweet feelings of couples.

The use rate of the vagina exceeds a certain frequency will also cause relaxation is difficult to repair, in the case of being overdrawn, the vagina is like an aging machine to accelerate its life.

Fertility has caused a huge change in the woman’s physical and physiological institutions, the vagina is irreparably enlarged, and it is almost impossible to return to the prenatal state in the natural recovery situation.

Disturbance of environmental bacteria in the vagina can cause women’s gynecological problems, and over time it will worsen and rise to the uterus and ovaries, causing even greater problems.

Abortion itself is a violation of the laws of nature. A large amount of toxins remaining in the body after abortion will not rule out the timely impact on women’s physical health.

The vagina will also age. When the use period is extended for a long period of time without maintenance, the vagina will gradually relax and age like rubber like aging, and become insensitive to numbness.

In theory, women can enjoy orgasm every time they have sex / love for more than 15 minutes, but many women have difficulty orgasm due to the effects of aging, dullness, relaxation, and dryness.

Promote blood circulation and cell regeneration, restore the vaginal elastic fibers and striated wrinkle wall to a normal state; stimulate the release of nerve information of the pudendal muscle layer, increase the activity of muscle cells, which can improve the relaxation of the vulva, enhance elasticity, and restore grip force. It has a good effect on sexual cold caused by vaginal relaxation and reduced sensitivity.

Contains antibacterial natural elements and adopts advanced technology to greatly improve the antibacterial effect; unique bioadhesive slow-release technology makes the vagina stay longer. It has obvious killing effect on bacteria, senile and mixed vaginitis, and various bacterial problems.

Keep the vagina moisturized and smooth. The large amount of nutrients contained are fully absorbed by the vaginal wall and cervix. Promote metabolism, soften the stratum corneum, accelerate wound healing, and quickly improve the symptoms of dryness, brittleness and thinning of the genitals. It is suitable for women with different age levels such as vaginal dryness, intercourse pain and vaginal atrophy.

It is directly given to the bottom of the uterus to allow it to expand rapidly, forming a protective film throughout the uterus. It has super permeability and high bioavailability. It can quickly penetrate into the blood and muscle tissues, accelerate the blood and lymph circulation of the body, and promote the ovaries. Hormones are secreted to regulate the female secretory system so that it reaches a state of equilibrium regulation.

Targeted killing of various bacteria in the uterus, while removing bacteria and appendages that cannot be detached normally during menstruation, repair and care of uterine mucosa aging, etc., stimulate the regeneration of uterine lining cells, enhance the elasticity of the uterine lining, make The female uterus returns to a young state.

The rich natural plant can eliminate the inflammatory secretions and toxins accumulated in the reproductive organs, restore the ability of the vagina to clean and purify itself, and reduce various gynecological problems

The vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries can make a woman look beautiful, and can make a woman age before she gets old!

The genitals play a very important role in a woman’s life. From the onset of puberty to before menopause, genitals undergo periodic changes in morphology and function. During sexual maturity, in addition to pregnancy and lactation, the genitals often repeat this periodic change. Aging is one of the main issues that women are most afraid of and most concerned about. For a long time, the biggest threat to women’s appearance is also caused by aging. For this reason, women are always fighting against aging. From the outside to the inside, people gradually discovered that the life of the genitals and women is so close, it is the soul of the leading woman, it makes the woman look radiant, and also makes the woman decay before she gets old …

The epithelial tissue cells shed by the endometrium of menstruation every month make these high proteins prone to mildew and stasis.

The use rate of the vagina exceeds a certain frequency will also cause relaxation is difficult to repair, in the case of being overdrawn, the vagina is like an aging machine to accelerate its life.

Fertility has caused a huge change in the woman’s physical and physiological institutions, the vagina is irreparably enlarged, and it is almost impossible to return to the prenatal state in the natural recovery situation.

Women’s unique physiological structure. Need special nursing methods, bad living habits, life pressure, so that the traditional nursing methods are not thorough enough.

Greatly reduce the probability of gynecological problems. Delay the aging of the reproductive system. Improve the self-healing ability of the entire function.

The overall function of the uterus is reduced, causing gynecological problems, (vaginitis) vicious cycle.

Vagina rejuvenation of five major bodies : sexual harmony.
Cervical: The first step in defense.
Uterus: Camp to do a healthy reproductive environment
Fallopian tube: Sperm smoothly conceived
Ovary: Secretion of female hormones.

Delay menopause and be an environmentally friendly woman.

Endocrine spots appear on the face before
menopause and premature aging.

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The normal vagina is an H-shaped lumen with a length of 8 cm and a lateral sign of 2.5 cm. Shana Lin ’s unique process can put Shana Lin in the 8 cm gold of the vagina. It melts and disintegrates in 1 minute, and is released quickly. Absorption without residue, unique sustained-release technology can make the product act for up to 72 hours, 360-degree coverage of the vaginal wall, cervix, posterior fornix and up to the uterine cavity, quickly penetrate the vaginal wall mucosa, repair the vaginal wall muscle layer Elastic fiber, 8 hours to start excretion of secretions and toxins from the reproductive organs, 7 angels relaxing vaginal contraction, use it on a regular basis, enhance vaginal contractility, repair vaginal endometrium, smooth Yin moist; restore elasticity and softness; nourish the ovary , Increase secretion, improve sexual function, eliminate coldness, and have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects without any side effects.

     Tens of thousands of women who have used Shanalin say that after using the private part, they are as tight as a girl, so that men can be enchanted and let themselves feel like a fairyland. Wonderful! Very comfortable! Many doctors said that the effect of Shana Lin in the United States even surpassed the operation. It can freely decide the period of use and change the tightness of the vagina.

90% of married women and 80% of postpartum women will have varying degrees of vaginal relaxation. The dryness of the vagina, laxity, pain during sexual intercourse, low libido, Yin blowing, and urine leakage have caused a lot of distress to women. It has become an indelible pain in women’s hearts. Psychological long-term depression, leading to insomnia, irritability, haggard appearance, emotional anxiety, endocrine disorders, premature aging symptoms.

National Ministry of Health Certificate

Registered trademark certificate

Test report 1

Test report 2

US FDA certification

American GMP certification

Safety responsibility guarantee

Import customs documents

An example of dirt discharged by a woman after using Sanalyn

Use the inflammatory substances excreted on the fourth day of SANALYN. The color is deep, and the silt is massive, with a lot of bacteria.

Use the inflammatory substances excreted on the sixth day of SANALYN. The color is muddy yellow, and a large number of bacteria are still discharged.

Use substances excreted on the eighth day of SANALYN. Similar to the light yellow cortex, inflammation is significantly reduced, and bacteria are significantly reduced.

In recent years, a young wave of private parts from Japan has quickly swept across Asia. Since its listing in Japan, Sanalyn of the United States has been deeply loved by Japanese women for its remarkable effect of reducing the yin, and it has been popular in more than 30 countries and regions such as South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and has won more than 50 such as South Korea and the United States. Patents of several countries, and was rated as the iconic product of the International Reproductive Health Organization . According to the American AC-Nielsen survey: American Shanna Lynn sells tens of thousands of boxes worldwide every day. American Shanalin is an American herbal technology, extracted from pure natural animals and plants. It has no residue, does not hurt normal tissues, does not produce laziness, is safe and has no side effects. The International Women ’s Health Research Center recommends it for women worldwide.

In 2002, Sanalyn of the United States obtained the permission of the Ministry of Health to officially land on the mainland. Since nine years after its listing, it has quickly won the hot pursuit of women in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places. Because American Sanalyn (Shana Lynn) got rid of the unspeakable secrets for many years, saved the endangered family, and regained the joy of life. As the effect is more outstanding, according to statistics, 35% of new users are ordered by old users. Old users choose to renew the maintenance rate as high as 78.5%. This is indeed a very effective product, and more businesses are more It is willing to promise a full refund for failure, and only have full confidence in the effect of the product to have such confidence.


Shanalin has been selling in the Chinese market for ten years, accumulating tens of millions of female users, and also accumulating clinical data for ten years. The American Huatuo Group has specially tailored for Chinese women with a new and improved formula, adding swordfish phosphate collagen Two precious ingredients: egg white and antlers.

Swordfish Phosphorus

Swordfish phosphorus powder collagen has “bone in bone, skin in skin, meat in meat”, which can be said to be a strong backing of the dermis layer


The deer horns have blood and blood circulation, have good anti-stasis and anti-inflammatory effects, and are particularly easy to absorb the vaginal wall mucosa, and promote blood circulation and stasis to increase the elasticity of vaginal muscles.

Collagen is a nutrient that the human body must make up to delay aging. It accounts for more than 30% of the total body protein of the human body. An adult has about 3 kg of collagen in the body. It is widely present in human skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, joints, and hair tissues, and plays a triple anti-aging role in support, repair, and protection.

Hairy antler n-butanol extract (BETA) was intraperitoneally injected into rats at 50 mg / kg. It can be seen that mitochondrial monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity in rat liver and brain tissue was significantly inhibited. In vitro experiments also proved to have MAO inhibitory activity. Staghorn extract 40mg / kg can significantly increase the cardiac output of halothane light anesthetized dogs.

Mulberry scorpion is the main component of Sanalyn products. First of all, artificial clones are used to breed a large number of mantises for concentrated breeding, ovulation, and collection of eggs just produced by mantises. Shanna Lin) ‘s main activity.
  Sanalyn’s other 25 Chinese herbal medicines are all used at low temperature, after removing slag with carbon dioxide filtration, and in the liquid state, using computer intelligence to track the changes in the molecules, and the activities that will be polymerized into large molecules. Instant extraction of the substance, and then the active substance that splits the large molecule into the small molecule is extracted instantaneously, thereby ensuring that the molecular weight of Sanalyn is stable at 10,000 to 40,000 units, which is easy for the capillary absorption of the vaginal wall.


Yishen Gujing, urination, turbidity. For spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, turbid urine. Women’s blood closed back pain, through the five showers, urinal water channels.

Snake bed

Warm kidney and impotence, dryness and dampness, remove wind and kill insects. It is used for impotence, palace cold, cold and wet zone, wet and low back pain; vulvar eczema, woman’s itch, trichomoniasis vaginitis.

Sea Clams

The dry inner shell function of the sea scorpion sepia: astringent and hemostatic, astringent and stopper, acid-making, and sore. It is used for vomiting blood, bleeding blood, spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea, red vaginal discharge; ulcers, bleeding from external injuries, and sores.


Anti-bacterial, fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-filterable protozoa, strong bacteriophage, detoxification and cleansing functions, and at the same time has a significant effect in promoting the healing of wounds and ulcers.

Shanalin has been selling in the Chinese market for ten years, and has accumulated 10 million women and ten years of user data. The American Huatuo Group product research and development team has developed a new third-generation formula specifically for Asian females.

Ingredient upgrade for new recipes for Asian women

For this purpose, the Huatuo Group of the United States has specially formulated a new formula for the improvement of Asian women’s physique, adding two valuable ingredients of swordfish phosphor powder collagen and deer antler. Swordfish phosphor powder collagen has “bone in bone, skin in skin, meat in meat” “Meat” can be said to be a strong backing of the dermis layer, while the antlers carry blood to promote blood circulation and have a good anti-stasis and anti-inflammatory effect.

Fresh-keeping upgrade high-quality vacuum sealing cover

The third generation of Shanalin adds waterproof and moisture-proof technology to the preservation, double protection, the first layer of protection: the gold ball cover is sealed, the second layer of protection: the vacuum patch cover. After double protection measures, even if the bad weather is encountered during the express delivery process, it will not affect the quality of the product at all.

Packaging upgrade “golden box” counterfeit technology

Shana Lin’s outer packaging box has undergone the third packaging upgrade. The “golden box” packaging uses a special process design on the counterfeit technology to facilitate consumers to distinguish the authenticity at a glance. Consumers are kindly requested to look for the third-generation “golden box” packaging of Shanalin.

In response to Shannalin ’s current appearance of counterfeit and shoddy products with similar appearance, shape, and color, in October 2012, the United States Huatuo Group joined hands with China ’s premier generation-pillowside game to relaunch Shanaline ’s outer packaging box. Three packaging upgrades.

A new generation of “golden box” packaging, which contains an independent holder dedicated to holding Shannalin particles-golden ball, open the lid of the golden ball. Shannalin particles are placed under a black patch in a vacuum pear. This multiple waterproof and moisture-proof protection allows Nalin particles to always maintain their good activity.

The outer packaging is a square box made of 5mm thick plastic! The sturdy outer box can protect the products inside under heavy pressure, strong and generous.

The new generation of “golden box” packaging does not hesitate to increase the cost. It uses a special process design on the counterfeit technology to facilitate consumers to identify the product at a glance. Moreover, the new gold box packaging greatly increases the difficulty of counterfeiting for counterfeiters in printing and mold manufacturing.

Taking into account the impact of long-distance transportation on the product, the new packaging is designed with anti-seismic function. The golden round ball is embedded on the EVA ring sponge pad. The EVA environmental protection material has good shock resistance, and will not cause damage to the environment when discarded or burned.

In the muscular layer of the inner wall of the vagina where the vagina is slack, the elastic fibers have been damaged, broken, or incomplete, just like the “tendon” in the elastic band is broken, and it is not slack. Therefore, repairing broken elastic fibers is the key to shrinking the vagina.
  Previously, women’s vaginal laxity could only be solved by performing vaginal tightening surgery. They faced a series of pains such as hospitalization, getting a knife, going to the operating table, and prohibiting sex. The physical resection method cannot solve the problem of vaginal dryness and aging. Feared by people, the price is expensive, and the embarrassment makes ordinary people shy to face it, so it has not been widely adopted so far. The World Medical Institute has been committed to using high-tech biotechnology to replace surgical methods.

30 days with 18-year-old compact 20-year-old passion

  • Product dosage formFunction comparison
  • LotionIt can only be used for vulva cleaning and daily care, but it has no effect on various gynecological problems and inflammations, because the cause of gynecological problems is generated inside the vagina, the lotion cannot be solved, and daily washing is inconvenient;
  • GranulesThe granules flow out immediately after entering the vagina, the attachment time is short, and they cannot reach the cervix, and the effect is not good;
  • Suppository (Daisheng) GelIt takes a certain period of time to be effective, and it cannot be attached to the problem site; this kind of anti-inflammatory effect is better, but it does not achieve the effect of reducing yin. It will affect sex life when used, and the smell is strong;
  • Oral productsIt takes the metabolic cycle of the stomach mucosa, liver, and kidney to reach the problematic site . The effect is slow, causing great damage to the gastric mucosa, liver, and kidney organs, and easily causing serious consequences such as liver and kidney failure;
  • SprayIt is suitable for temporary sterilization prevention. The aerosol-like liquid is volatile and can not act on the problem area for a long time , let alone the effect; the effect is the same as the lotion and granules
  • Shrinking stickThe method of use is simple, and the temporary effect is good, but the side effects are large, dependent, and will not be maintained for a long time.
  • Vaginal reduction surgeryThe price is expensive, the risk factor is large, it will not be maintained for a long time, and it is not recommended to try;
  • Shrink Yin CapsuleIt must first disintegrate, cannot enter the deep vagina, and cannot reach the cervix and uterus for cleaning and sterilization. The effect is weak or not effective at all. .
  • Yin injectionRepeated many times, the operation is troublesome, you can’t operate it yourself, the effect is not obvious, and it can not be maintained for a long time;
  • Shanna LynnAmerican Shanalin condenses American herbal essence, selects 36 kinds of precious ingredients, unique craftsmanship, can put Shanalin in the vaginal 8 cm gold effect, melt and disintegrate in 1 minute, release quickly, easy to absorb without residue, unique The sustained release technology can make the product act for 72 hours, cover the vaginal wall, cervix, posterior fornix in 360 degrees and reach the uterine cavity, contract the vagina, expel toxins, nourish the ovary, and the vagina, without any Hormones and antibiotics components, no allergies, does not affect normal sex life.

31 years old postpartum vaginal relaxation, Yin blowing

I am only 31 years old. After giving birth, I feel that my body structure has changed, and the bottom is loose like a broken crotch. When I am in the same room, there are occasional “puffy” exhaust sounds from the bottom (later I understood it as a blow) My husband and I are not as sweet as before. The vaginal relaxation has become a big pimple in my heart … I used to want to do “vaginal tightening”, but when I thought of the cold operating table, I cut off the bloody flesh from my body. Can’t help getting goose bumps.  
  In May 2006, I accidentally saw Shanna Lin ’s product introduction on the Internet. I heard that 85% of women in the United States use it and tighten their vagina without an operation. I listened very heartily. I did not expect to compare them after use. Fortunately, as soon as I used 1 box, there was a significant change in the lower yin. The yin water increased. After 3 boxes, the husband put it in very difficult. Like a virgin, my husband surprised me with the change and cried in the bedroom. Since then, my husband has taken care of me and loved me more than he was in love. Now after a period of discontinuation, the vagina is still tight and there is no rebound, it seems that Shanna Lin’s effect is really good! Completely believable!

43-year-old vaginal relaxation, aging, gynecological problems

After the woman is over 35, she feels that her vagina is getting looser and she has no pleasure. Sex life has always been due diligence and homework. Three years ago, she also found out gynecological problems. Once she had sex, she had a backache, and her lower abdomen fell. At the time, sex life suffered a lot, but when I ran into it, there was bleeding. There was a problem with my sex life. Gradually, my husband didn’t feel it for me.
   Later, a friend said that she was using Shanalin, which is a big shrinking brand in the United States. When I used it, it became tighter. I laughed when I heard it, but then I bought 8 boxes with the idea of ​​giving it a try. . After using it, I feel tight and there is more water. After using 8 boxes, I took the initiative to “attack” my husband … Unexpectedly, he was surprised to say that my vagina was “tight”, just like in my twenties … Now my husband goes home from work and never goes out again The flowers are irritating, not to mention how happy our sex life is. I suggest that middle-aged women should use “Sana Lynn” to tie up the “secret weapon” of the old public, which can allow the “third party” to drill the gap in marriage. ?

28-year-old vaginal relaxation after abortion

Unmarried cohabitation in modern society is nothing new, and I am no exception. Before, I had 3 boyfriends, all of whom had lived together, the vagina was loose and empty, and my sexual desire almost became 0 due to 2 times of abortion. I am afraid that the prospective husband said that I was “loose” there, and he couldn’t find the feeling, so even if the marriage is approaching, he has always maintained a physiological bottom line with him.
  By chance, I met Shanalin on the Internet, and I was moved at that time: Shanalin could tighten the loose vagina! It suits me so well! Without further ado, I ordered 8 boxes at once, and the product was delivered to me on the third day. The cash on delivery assured me! In the two-month marriage period, I quickly used up 6 boxes of Shana Lin. On the wedding night, my husband said with great joy: Honey, why are you still so small … Watching her husband’s madness of “death to live” The stone I hung in my heart fell down, and I couldn’t help but secretly rejoice: the more beautiful “shrinking the yin” is really magical, allowing me to “tighten” to reproduce.